Pascal Berrang

About me

I started studying computer science at Saarland University in October 2010, handing in my bachelor thesis in June 2013. Subsequently, I joined the Graduate School and became a PhD student in the Information Security and Cryptography Group under supervision of Michael Backes. I submitted my PhD thesis in November 2017 and received my PhD in July 2018. My PhD thesis has the title Quantifying and Mitigating Privacy Risks in Biomedical Data. In 2017, I joined the team behind Nimiq as a Blockchain Researcher and Core Developer. My topics of interest include privacy, security, and cryptography.

During my free time, I like traveling, climbing, and learning languages.

Education & Work

2017-present Blockchain Researcher and Core Developer for Nimiq
2014-2018 Research Assistant and PhD Student
Information Security and Cryptography Group, Saarland University
2013-2014 Graduate Studies in Computer Science
Saarland University
2013 Student Trainee at SAP
2010-2013 B.Sc. in Computer Science
Saarland University


Voluntary Work/Memberships

2015-2016 Member of the Organizing Committee of the 1st IEEE European Symposium on Security & Privacy
2015-2018 Member of the hiring committees for several professorships
2014-2018 Member of the Examination Board for the Cybersecurity Bachelor Studies
2014-present Member of our University's CTF Team saarsec
2012-2014 Elected Member of the Students' Representatives Council for Computer Science


Summer Term 2016 Advisor for Theory of Modern Privacy Research (Seminar)
Winter Term 2015/16 Teaching Assistant for Grundlagen der Cybersicherheit
(Foundations of Cybersecurity)
Winter Term 2012/13 Student Teaching Assistant for Mathematik für Informatiker III
(Mathematics for Computer Scientists 3)
Summer Term 2012 Student Teaching Assistant for Mathematics Preparatory Course
Winter Term 2011/12 Student Teaching Assistant for Programmierung 1
(Programming 1)
Winter Term 2011/12 Student Teaching Assistant for Mathematics Preparatory Course


During my studies, I received the following awards:


Authors listed in alphabetical order.


Dr. Pascal Berrang
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+49 6894 3893944‬
Pascal Berrang


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